Tableau 101 for Mapping

November 13, 1-2pm

Intro to ArcGIS Online

November 14, 1-2pm

Alex B. Hill, DETROITography


A Brief Overview of GIS in Detroit

November 15, 10am

Matt A. Williams, Senior Advisor on Neighborhood Economic Development, City of Detroit

Lightning Talks - Round #1

November 15, 11-12pm

Creating Detroit's Bike and Trail Map

Updating the DTE Aerial Collection

Drawing Restraint

Detroit Business Explorer

Local Election Mapping and Analysis

Lightning Talks - Round #2

November 15, 12-1pm

Urban Acupuncture: Alley Activation 

Air Permit Violations Mapping

Mapping Detroit's Buried Waterways

DLBA Side Lot Listings Using GIS

Intro to QGIS

November 16, 1-2pm